Etincelle Line is a website for the online sale of hair extensions (weaves), wigs (lace wig / made up) of Miscellaneous Beauty & Cosmetics Products and more service We offer retail and wholesale hair 100% human (virgin).

Guaranteed 100% human hair that color, discolor. With different textures, they provide you with glamorous, voluptuous hairstyles according to your desires.

Make your choice according to your desires and with complete peace of mind

If you could only choose one part of your face to highlight, which would it be? A hunch tells me that you would opt for your eyelashes.
Your gaze is everything and your eyelashes play an essential role in this.

But how far would you go to have what you dream of and be satisfied?
Beautiful eyelashes for all tests, of course, but not at any price!

Respect for natural eyelashes, ease, saving time and money are essential factors for us.

If your goal is to have a captivating look with or without makeup, without having to go through extensions with glue, without breaking the bank and preserving your natural eyelashes, we have THE solution for you...

Opt for our 3D VOLUME lashes We assure you that you will not regret it.

The positive sides

See that moment when you feel like rubbing your eyes really hard? Often when you wake up or when you go to bed… YOU CAN DO IT before applying your eyelashes. Joking aside.. :
- Respect for natural eyelashes
-Easy to use
-Without glue

You put them when YOU want!

Eco side & animal welfare

We make a point of honor on our ecological side which is really important to us. We wanted to release this project without negative impact on our beautiful planet or on the animals that inhabit it. We therefore decided to create cardboard packaging and our products are cruelty-free.

Our goal being to improve ourselves constantly, do not hesitate to give us your opinions and/or suggestions in the “OPINIONS” section!
Thank you in advance for your participation ♡